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Why continue living with hard to maintain floors when you can have the added durability and visual appeal of quality epoxy floor coatings?
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Decorative Concrete Floor Coatings for Lifetime Value

For Residential, Industrial, and Commercial floor systems in Denver, trust no other but RAW Epoxy, the proven industry leaders! Raw Epoxy is one of the top floor coating installers in Colorado.  
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Investing in the right protective coating for your garage floor or commercial workspace equals long-term savings and reliable surface performance. We use professional-grade epoxy coatings to fortify surfaces with consistency. As a result, our epoxy floor coatings are more robust, durable, and proven to outlast traditional flooring options.

Denver Floor Coating Specialist

Expect detailed guidance and expertise with every customized concrete floor coating we provide. Even though all of our garage flooring in Denver is powered by the strength of epoxy, our various finishes make it easy to customize your level of protection, traction, and personalized style. After a quick discussion with our experts, you’ll know exactly which variety is best for your specific needs.

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